Intimate Objects is a digital co-creation service and platform (supported and informed by in-person Intimacy Labs) that provides an intimate, virtual space for connection and creativity. It enables adult users to re-imagine, design and create intimate objects for communication, discovery and expression of their sexual desires, and more broadly, all aspects of their intimate lives.

The project is fundamentally informed by an anthropological perspective on intimacy, sexuality and the generative capacity of everyday actions. Research has highlighted diversity in sexual practices and identities and the role of context in shaping these. The focus on the creation of the intimate online space recognises that actions create their own kinds of time and space and enables the objects to emerge from a relational context.

Intimate Objects developed two previous projects: Intimacy Lab, held at the Barbican in August 2013 and the Royal Festival Hall in March 2014, which explored the design experience and an intimacy workshop at A-Camp, an Autostraddle weekend with queer-identified women in October 2013, which explored the potential market.