Contact Us

REACT has now finished. However, we're continuing to develop the next stage of the work we began at REACT. If you would like to find out more about REACT, our projects, and what we're up to now, please use the following contacts:

UWE Bristol

You can contact Simon Moreton to find out more about what REACT did, particularly its research programme, and to find out more about the ongoing partnership between UWE Bristol and Watershed.


Watershed continues to host a community of artists, researchers, technologists and others in the Pervasive Media Studio. To learn more about Watershed’s role in REACT please contact Jo Lansdowne or to find out about the work of our current residents please contact

University of Bath

To find out more about REACT’s activities at Bath or to learn about new opportunities, please contact Sarah Jones or Danae Stanton Fraser

University of Bristol

If you would like to know more about REACT’s work at the University of Bristol, or would like to hear about future opportunities, please contact The Brigstow Institute is a new Research Institute that seeks to bring together academics and non-academic partners to re-imagine self and society.

University of Cardiff

The new Cardiff University creative economy team are aiming to carry on the work catalysed by REACT. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Sara Pepper, Director, Creative Economy. 

University of Exeter

Please contact Stephen Hodge to find out more about REACT's work in Exeter, particularly their new partnership with the collaborative production space at The Kaleider.