Wrapping up Dylan Thomas' eyes

The culmination of our project, the results of March 25th's efforts, and what now for In Your Translating Eyes

On March 25th, Book Kernel faced its biggest challenge and the day we had been preparing for from the start of our process. In Dylan Thomas' birthplace, we translated two of Dylan Thomas' poems from English into several languages and got those translated poems into a printed book with a beautiful cover...in one day.

The book in everyone's hands in the above picture is the 8 p.m. edition of the In Your Translating Eyes book from the day. 

The day itself was a productive, sometimes edge-of-your-seat, brilliant time: as the aggregator and creator of the final document we sent to the printer, I was told that I looked like I 'might explode' at one point but also that I 'held it together' so well I earned the title of 'Book Pilot' from Alexis. We made a 1p.m. Digital Edition, a 6p.m. Digital Edition, and the 8p.m. Edition you can see above. With these three, soon to be four, iterations of the book - mistakes and all - we succesfully showed both the nature of translation and the freedom, fun, and sharp logistics of the Book Kernel model.

For more pictures of the day, The South Wales Evening Post took some excellent photos.

We're now working on a Post-Event Edition that will also be printed and be the best of everything from the day with a little more editorial now that we have the benefit of hindsight.