What makes a good news story?

This has been an interesting week for the Little J project. Whilst we're chomping at the bit to get going and have our Little day - a pop up newsroom in the middle of Port Talbot to gather as much news and views as we possibly can in one day - we're still waiting for confirmation on whether we have permission to set up stall in the middle of town.

So, in the meantime we're starting to think about what Little J might look like and the functionality needed to ensure our application can help journalists weed out gossip from news.
There are many questions we have to answer, but the main one is what makes a good news story? Which brings us to the five W's - Who, What, When, Where and Why. When put together these five pieces of information are enough to tell a story.
From speaking to hyperlocal journalists, who regularly have to source their leads from existing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they often get one or two pieces of information but not enough to tell the full story. Just like a jigsaw with missing pieces.
So how will Little J help create a full picture? Well, our research so far shows that 81 per cent of people in Port Talbot want to know what's happening in their community. If just a small percentage of those engage with Little J and turn from passive readers to engaged users we'll be well on our way to creating a success story. Hopefully Little Day will help us figure out how to make that happen.