Viceregal team update

Trying to avoid getting caught in the glare

Mary Curzon once sent a photograph to her parents of herself and George dressed in fancy dress evening wear. A written comment  on the image explains the presence of a white sticker hiding her face: 'photo taken in electric light - my face awful!'.  The last few weeks of 'Digitising the Dollar Princess'  resonates with Mary's dilemma of sharing something that is not quite perfect. The early discussion of 'making things fast' appears very real. 

I (Nicola) feel like I have been hijacked by project administration and the two days a week I'm on the project is not fully working in terms of creative time at present - so that is a high priority to address. It is a great learning curve for the development of a full project of this nature, however getting the time and scope to do this project justice will require a grant to release my time, so I'm thinking that through. Kevin's pay seems to be more of a struggle than it should be, our contract remains unsigned and arrangements for boxes to be filmed and dresses to be photographed have been time-consuming. The nexus purchase issues (Google is 'NOT' a University recognised supplier) have been replaced with a dwindling content budget that has been hit with unanticipated costs. Amidst all this however a script  has been written  for a short introduction film. We were thinking 1min 30 seconds, however this is very short and it becomes a challenge to get across what we wanting to achieve within this opening sequence. The draft script  is around 4 mins so tomorrow afternoon's project meeting will be working on editing! This is also a question for our testing audience: how long we can keep the audience with us during media and audio clips. 

Kevin has continued to be in the British Library - facilitating the acquisition of materials. The lag-time is pressing: 10 days for 'Express' delivery does not feel sufficiently 'express'. Kevin has been finding some new material that is needed: maps of India and Carlton House Terrace. My ebay bonanza has resulted in the purchase of four lantern slides that the Library of Congress are not keen for us to scan because 'they are too old' (1902? really?) so we do at least have some nice examples of the more commercially orientated ways in which Mary Curzon circulated around the British and North American marketplace. 

Bow Software continue to develop the app and associated NFC bookmark. We now have the wireframe for themes in place and content is starting to be integrated. The navigation we have discussed needs to be put against the content to check it works, and hopefully not too may surprises for the developers will emerge at that stage.  Discussions around content supply and permissions costs are starting to influence our thoughts around pricing. So far we have seen the upper boundary of the app market being around £9.99, however we keep returning to discussions around exhibition catalogues or coffee table books that are visually rich and may cost much more as a hard copy version. Charlotte and James Attlee have been exchanging information around commercial exhibition publications which are feeding into this ongoing dialogue around audience and content. Thanks James.