Unexpected encounters with archives

From Argo to Mad Men

A late night showing of Argo at the Picturehouse in Exeter. A packed audience of 40+ year olds. The credits of Argo display photographs of the cast, set against the identification documents of their real life counterparts. The images that followed were of of scenes within the film set against the documentary sources - an act of authenticity that was more powerful than the later statement that some scenes had been changed for dramtic effect. The audience who had started to gather their coats and make for the exit when the film ended had sat down again, and pointed and discussed the images with their neighbours. The images ended and the text credits rolled. The audience stirred, gathered their coats and left. 

The extras of Mad Men Season 5 gives some 1967-1968 documentary source material in a slide shows format. Super-animated powerpoint slides leave your eyes confused. Images fly in from left, right, in spirals and fades. Voice to camera, voice to camera, switch off.