Trees, trees, more trees, and oh, trees.

What happens when you go on a steep learning curve

I've been quite quiet over the last few weeks- for which I apologise: 

You see we've been interrogating our ideas: 

For me this have invoived learning to make vector drawing for laser cutting, and re-laying, re-checking and then re-checking again all the interconnecting parts. I've had to ask for advice and be open to constructive criticism and take a leap of faith when we have the first prototype maunfactured. And then I've had to re-check, re-lay and re-tweak through lessons learnt. 

We've been testing our physical environment and all the components and how that might affect the public engagement. 

we've been redeveloping the original station tree and the natural affordances/ invitation to participate. 

We've been collating better data, for better visualised trees. 

We've been refining our gesture control, for better tree navigation. 

Basically: A full on critical assault on all the elements of our project, every single branch of the thinking process (boom, boom) 

The thinking this neccesitates is tiring, but this level of rapid prototype learning is great. It's been an incredible few weeks- each user test and iteration has taught us something essential about the project.

But time is racing away from us. Lets hope our roots are solid!