Some background information on how this project came to be - the South West connections.

This blog post should probably have been our first one, but better late than never.

One name that hasn't appeared thus far is that of Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt (@sproutness). I have collaborated with Vanessa in the past on National Trust projects (e.g. this installation at Lacock Abbey) and it was she who originally suggested the idea of working with mirrors and audio (including directional speakers) to create the illusion of extra characters in heritage properties. The original idea was to do it on board the ssGB, but it turns out it is not the best time for them, so we are currently intending on trialling it at the National Trust's Horton Court.

Vanessa also told me about the new Interactive Systems Studio in Plymouth, who are now creating the software for us. She had heard about them from a contact at the South West Creative Industries iNet called Korash Sanjideh. So, as you can see, it is a real South West family job. The directional speakers we are using have another South West connection as they are imported and supplied by a small company in Weston-super-Mare, called AudioNation.