Smart Heritage

'Surely there's a smarter approach to smart cities?' opinion piece in

City Strata is based on Bristol City Council's Historic and Environment Record Office's Know Your Place map which is used in the future planning of the city: Who uses Know Your Place and what is the information used for?.  Hoping that in the longer term it will become a kind of "smart" heritage app where users' contributions help inform the shape of the city and developers create compelling content that connects the community to its heritage:

"The "smartness" of smart cities will not be driven by orders coming from the unseen central government computers of science fiction, dictating the population's actions from afar. Rather, smart cities will be smart because their citizens have found new ways to craft, interlink and make sense of their own data." guest post by Usman Haque, founder of, director at Haque Design + Research and CEO of Connected Environments.