Setting the objectives

Before really starting with this project we wanted to share the objectives that we set out in our very first meeting.

There is so much to tell about the mysterious Ivory Bangle Lady, so many stories that branch off in many varied and diverse directions. We need to be careful to remain focused on our main aims in order for the project to be a success. In our very first meeting we talked through the main objectives and defined them to the following:

Focused objective
We want visitors to the Yorkshire Museum to emotional engage with the story and questions surrounding the Ivory Bangle Lady. 

Broad objective 1
We want to engage people with the importance of studying human remains.

Broad objective 2
The science behind studying human remains has implications across many other fields of interest. 

We intend to delve into these in more detail and start to formulate an objectives grid against which any solutions will be judged. The objectives grid will start to split out the visitor objectives into desired emotional, behavioural and learning outcomes.