Set-Jetting, a "global phenomenon"

Cinemapping film locations, a future applications of the City Strata Platform?

More on the theme of set-jetting: I found Movie London, an interactive map of London film locations with the tag line 'Explore the city film by film':

MovieLondon interactive map of the city's film locations

See also the related World Wide Guide to Movie Locations website, based on the book of the same name by Tony Reeves.  The website claims to be the "ultimate travel guide to film locations around the world. With movie tourism now a global phenomenon, here you’ll find original location photographs, trivia, links and travel details. If you ever wondered ‘Where did they film that?’, or you want to visit the filming locations of your favourite movie, simply navigate by film title or browse the name of your favourite actor or director. To check out locations, use the world map."

It would be so easy to adapt the cinemapping app to include movie locations - and this is something that I would hope to explore with the Liverpool City in Film collaboration as their GIS database has both film locations and cinemas.  I love the idea of tying in film locations with cinema locations (past and present) to link the films with the celebration of cinema-going. Bristol itself isn't teaming with film locations so it's not something I've explored in the current iteration, but there's nothing to stop it being an additional functionality of the platform.  It's just a matter of drawing data from another database.

But I've been thinking about what being able to access this information at the location would actually add? - it would be so easy to create a standard informational app, but the challenge (and what actually interests me) is the potential to create rich, bespoke, layered experiences to enhance each film location, rather than just a list of what was filmed, where.  

Lots to think about.