Ritual walks and progress tests [Book 1]

An overview of our overview as of late February, 2013

February has been our busiest month so far.

We've gained clarity and direction since the last sandbox: we now have user-stories, our front-end content, a defined site-tree, four different types of product designed, user-access-levels, and ongoing testing for 3 of our 6 levels of user.

site tree image

While I'm testing, our Artistic Director Bambo is forging links with local printers in Cardiff, Swansea, and Bristol. Our developers are beavering away at the site-beta while Christina and Alexis are advertising and organizing our first big event at the Dylan Thomas Centre on March 25th.

We have four key live-test dates in place:

  • February 27th [low-grade test]
  • March 16th [middle-grade test]
  • March 25th [high-grade test]
  • Mid-April [high-grade test]


The Dylan Thomas Centre event on March 25th is a great test, a real jewel in our crown, and will enable us to experiment with the live publishing and printing of BK Editions. The key challenge here will be to see how quickly we can print and deliver physical books either during or immediately after an event. 

We will be following this test up in mid April with a test of BK Mementos - another core Book Kernel product.  The challenge here, once we've cracked the printing side of things, is to allow audiences to curate their own book.

Looking further down the line to July, we've been discussing the possibility with Literature Wales of doing some more Book Kernel tests at a Literature festival in North Wales.

We're pushing to make all these jewels a possibility.
Eventually, we'll have crystalline cores.