Putting a value on experience

We have a question for you.

We have a question for you.

A key issue with digital/books/content/distribution (delete as appropriate) is the value of the 'thing' itself, and how that translates into a business model, or something that at the very least doesn't involve losing money hand over fist. So:

We'd like to know how much you'd pay for what we're going to produce.

These Pages Fall Like Ash will be a three week long experiential narrative, asking you to engage with a story by walking the city. You'll get, and keep, a wood-bound notebook containing the 'keys' to this story, which is your ticket and also your guidebook to another city, one that co-exists with your own. There's a cohesive digital layer, and you need a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop to access that. That access is free, but where you find that content is a function of having bought the notebook.

The backbone of These Pages Fall Like Ash has been written by all of us - Tom Abba, Duncan Speakman, Nick Harkaway and Neil Gaiman. We've brought Nick and Neil into the writing stage and they've provided some depth, some detail and a rather Gaiman/Harkaway feel to the arc of the plot.

So. How much should we charge? 

One of our collaborators has experience of the complex nature of the economics of the crowd - see Amanda Palmer's TED talk for more - and we all have ideas as to what price we'd put on this. 

Tweet me at @tomabba, or email tom.abba@uwe.ac.uk. We really need to know. And what you tell us is valuable.