Positioning the Memories

It's been an eventful few weeks with our research into the latest WiFi location systems, and then developing the platform for our app. We've seen several demonstrations and tried out some systems ourselves to evaluate their accuracy, response time and stability. We ran some user tests with 15 very helpful volunteers rating each system and giving us valuable feedback.

We decided that accuracy and stability were the most important factors, especially as our users would not necessarily be holding the 'phone. Our final choice is a system produced by WiFiSLAM. This uses algorithms developed by a team of Stanford University graduates, and comes with an SDK and lots of useful analytics. It was also the easiest of all the systems to configure.

Calvium have built a version of the AppFurnace player incorporating WiFiSLAM and are successfully triggering region events.

The next step is to get back into the Old Vic auditorium to install more WiFi APs and to reconfigure the positioning software. We're all looking forward to adding the memories and testing our app.

Here's WiFiSLAM working at the bar ....