Mirrors 1

A rather delayed initial blog post about some of what we've done so far.

There were big delays in getting started with our project but we went to Plymouth at the beginning of May to meet with the software team. We discussed the potential issues with trying to create an experience which is engaging, and the difficulty with getting the lighting right so that the mirrors have a realistic feel. We also tried some things out with various mirrored surfaces.

We learned quite a lot from this. Or seemed to - we only had small pieces of mirror so this could be very different with full size mirrors. We tested simple content using a monitor for now as this is as close as we could get to a full size mirror with content in. It was quite illuminating as another thing we learned was through turning things round. Turning the monitor from landscape to portrait made a big difference in perception. This may be the best way of presenting content in a mirror as well.

The Eureka moment, when we rotated the monitor to portrait