Mineral or vegetable?

Reflecting on the 20 Questions exercise at the first REACT Hub meeting 2 April 2012

We were asked to write down twenty questions at the end of the first Sandbox meeting:

REACT Hub 20 questions exercise

We only manged fourteen, pictured above on the left, but the exercise was incredibly useful in starting to focus in on what we want to acheive in the Sandbox.  

City Strata’s 14 Questions

  1. What’s the right balance between control and spontaneity?
  2. What needs to be in the app versus website?
  3. What content is compelling in place?
  4. How should audio be mixed and created?
  5. How can you make sure User Generated Content (UGC) is compelling?
  6. How do you manage audio contributions?
  7. How do you manage people’s expectations?
  8. What’s the real nature of content: small samples versus whole experience?
  9. Battery life on phones – how can you preserve it?
  10. How should we make the experience useable on all phones?
  11. How can we get rights to film samples
  12. How can we involve IMDB?
  13. How can the prototype location still convey cinemas not in that area?
  14. How do you decide your priorities – key delivery outcomes?
We're aiming to prototype two aspects of the cinema layer - what the interface might be for specific points of interests at a cinema site (e.g. Whiteladies Picture House) and how to manage the journey between sites in a cinematic way (Castle Park area).  Peter and I will collaborate on populating Know Your Place with as much content as we can, Jo will work on streaming and uploading content and I'll be thinking about the user interface. I'll post more about initial ideas after Easter, when I'm on a chocoloate high after an abstinent Lent!