Ideas Session at the ISM

Picking apart our ideas with experience prototypes.

We ran an ideas session with our user group at the ISM on Tuesday last week. We took along 6 low resolution cardboard prototypes without any electronics in to test the ideas out. 


We received some great feedback on all 6 routes, and a clear direction to develop two of them. 


They loved the Historical Commentator, and the Storyteller.


The Find Cataloguer was also of interest but for a more general subscriber audience and not relevant to the ISM. Therefore we have decided to park the real time Find Cataloguer to focus on the other two routes at this time. 

We also identified some considerations to feed into the development of the next round of prototypes. 

- Technology should be invisible. 
- The objects are curators, not machines. 
- Serendipity can give the objects personality. 
- The form will be crucial for engaging users. 
- The objects should work in partnership with handling sessions.
- Design has to be engaging and playful, but sensitive to content. 
- Object needs to have a clear learning outcome to be useful.