We're in the Bar!

Installation, testing and demos of the WiFi location systems are underway.

The installation in the Foyer went ahead without too much trouble. After configuring a network for the ETH Zurich RedPin application we were able to start (the very tedious) fingerprinting, and then carried out some tests. After several attempts the software would correctly recognise where we were in the front foyer (accuracy of a few meters) - and it consistently recognised when we were in the bar! Though one AP was still to be powered up, we were able to do a brief demo of the system working.

While waiting for the Insiteo configuration files, we discovered SenionLab who use the motion sensors in the smartphone to augment the WiFi positioning. This works by predicting the user's new position and then verifying it using the WiFi signal strengths. We've carried out the initial logging for SenionLab to produce their app and are eagerly waiting to try it out.

Today's image is the plan we're using for the Old Vic and the APs.

Old Vic Plan