Layers of maps in apps

Another rendition of the Castle Park map, this time overlaying present pathways onto an historical map.

Another verion of the map, this time with a 1900 map (which actually predates the cinemas, the first of which was built in 1910), with the current pathways in Castle Park overlaid on top - the advantage of this map is that it gives more of a sense of the density of the buildings in the area.  Castle Street was a bustling high street with mainstream shops such as M&S, Boots, BHS, together with independent shops and businesses.  It formed part of a spine of commercial activity that snaked across the city from Stapleton road and Old Market in the East, across the Castle Park area, through Baldwin Street, up Park Street to Whiteladies Road and Blackboy Hill in the North West. 

s1900 map with footprint of cinemas and current network of paths overlaid

1900 map with footprint of cinemas and current network of paths overlaid

After the Blitz of Nov 1940, only a few buildings remained, including St Peter's Church - the shell of which is still there - and the News Theatre the black and green facade of which is said to have emerged unscathed: “As the smoke cleared the next morning, the News Theatre, its black, glassy exterior miraculously untouched, stood out like a sore thumb among the rubble. But the Regent, Bristol’s finest, best-loved cinema, lay in ruins” (Anderson, 67).  

Even though the initial user testing suggests that the map is superflouous, I'm still attached to this idea of seeing the relation between the present and the past - back to the prenial question of mapping or apping.... Keiron mentioned the Walking Through Time app based in Landmark maps of Edinburgh which use a nice slider to enable you to slide between maps from different eras - rather like the Spyglass feature of the Enhanced Silverlight version of Know Your Place, which enables you to toggle between maps:

Spy glass feature on Know Your Place map.

I'm also keen for people to have an opportunity to see images of the cinemas, where available, but again have the dilemma of not wanting to interrupt the immersive audio experience - one idea is to use the souvenir fuction we explored in the Whiteladies Picture House pilot, so that when you enter a region and trigger the audio you might win a souvenir of that location which you can look at later.  Alternatively, develop each cinema as a single point of interest which can be explored after (or during) the Castle Park experience.  Alot to think about... you can tell I'm procrastinating about the script as I've started blogging furiously again!