Cemetery in my hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin COMES TO LIFE!!!

The Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, Wisconsin (where I grew up) is presenting some dead historical figures on May 12

Credit goes to my parents, Ron and Jean Troyer, for sending me this article.

The cemetery in my hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin has cast a group of local actors to re-enact notable persons from Hudson's past. The local newspaper, the Hudson Star Observer, explains it best:

Those attending will take a guided walking tour through the cemetery to the gravesites of eight former Hudson residents where costumed actors will share the life stories of the “Spirits” of Hudson’s past. The Pearly Gate Singers will perform traditional hymns, and guests may can stop by the Humbird Chapel to see the restoration work of the Hudson Vintage Neighborhood Alliance.

You can read the whole newspaper article here.

The Future Cemetery Project has discussed the possbility of using live actors.

But since I am from Hudson, Wisconsin I know that this entire May 12 event will be a lot more like the movie Waiting for Guffman than Arnos Vale could ever muster.

Take it away Corky St. Clair!