The grains, the husks, the kernels, the rush

Busy is as busy does, ma'am

Over the last three weeks, it's been quiet on the blog.

[Here there'd usually be an apology of sorts on the part of the blog writer - there'll be no such apology from me and outside of these parentheses, you'll see why.]

It's been quiet because we've been thrumming along with activity. This blog post is to tell you just what we've been up to.

Since our last test, we've been pushing at the limits of what our system can do: since our last test, we've been tested and testing. We'll test further.

We now have an updated front-end and more bespoke bits added to our back-end. We've tested and addressed issues with front covers, front cover design specifications, definitions of editions and publication editions, and a whole host of other stuff that's all about making sure we can build a system robust enough to be used and not broken or given up on. 

Our new front-end is quite exciting - the husk to our kernel.

I've been making further contacts and lists of contacts for Book Kernel; we're planning things both big and small; continuing to ensure the smooth running of our March 25th event; and making sure the contacts we're making get to actually speak to us and not just see the type of our emails.

All important to growing good relationships and keeping them healthy.