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With the Little Day being postponed it gives us more time to get the platform functioning more like we'd like it. Using Ushahidi as a base seemed sens

In a previous post ‘Have you seen this?’, I mentioned that we have been looking at Ushahidi closely and even built a functional test using the open-source platform. At first this seemed to put a downer on the Little j project Ushahidi does so much, so well. However, that feeling soon dissipated when we focused more on the motivational side of the project rather than the technical. Ushahidi gives a technical platform to report the news, but no motivation to do so.

So, back on track we started to work on Little j's motivational structures and the engagement journeys people in the community would progress through. Normally, I love to create such things and enjoy working on how the user-interface can help people interact with and receive feedback from the system. I normally start from nothing, a blank page, and work my way towards what is the rough structure, then get people to test it, get the feedback and refine it. This time however, we're starting from the Ushahidi structure and building on top of it. We've had to make more decisions than I think we would have by starting from scratch. Decisions like what to leave out, what to enhance and what to create from new. 

It's proving a hard task to bend the open-source platform to our needs but ultimately, I think, it will be more rewarding and create a better Little j because of it. We also like the idea that if we can add better reputation centres and motivational structures we can give this back to the Ushahidi community, benefiting communities worldwide. 

Next Wednesday we have the opportunity to put everything in front of the other projects and get open feedback. It'll be a good test to measure what's working for people and what still needs tinkering with or throwing out.