The Future Cemetery is coming.... Question is, will you be there?

The Future Cemetery is gearing up and coming to town.

This past week the FC team have been cranking up our efforts to realise the Future Cemetery at Arnos Vale. Here's a picture diary

Museum professionals review FC equipment and sign-up to find out more.


Crypt testing by Kevin to make technology-magic happen.

A sneak preview of the curious characters to be found in Arnos Vale at the Future Cemetery. 

No doubt about it, the Future Cemetery is coming. So the question remains - will you be part of it?

The Future Cemetery

This Saturday. 2.00pm - 5.00pm.

Arnos Vale Cemetery

More information to whet your appetite in this week's Venue: and on Arnos Vale's website:

As is true of the rest of Arnos Vale, space is limited! So book your space by emailing