Forwards and backwards

I supposed the month has been rather like the title suggests:


We've got the IMU sensors that attach to the book talking to the first version of the visualisation platform. 

This is a great acheivement- and Phill Tew has created this beautiful desert that you can fly a book through. Ever so 101 Arabian Nights. 

We've got our Serendipty Plans mapped out (how we're going to paly with Library users behavioural habits, and what tweaks we will add to help them travel somewhere new). We've mapped these to datasets, and planned our first prototypes. 

We've gotten some data from the Library of Birmingham. 

We've got three test locations planned. 

We've done our very very first user testing with the working system. 

We had a superb meeting with the lovely Rusty Squid and have planned the initial design approaches. 

We've had fantastic advice from top book retailers. 

We've read an awful lot about behavioural analysis. 

The Library of Birmingham's new site as a staff picks section where they are beginning to really explore the librarian's passions and knowledge and unlock it for people. 

The new Library of Birmingham looks incredible. 


It's taking alot of work to decode the Library of Birmingham's data. 

The RFID tags are placed in different locations in every book. 

The RFID tag are inside the back cover, the bar codes are inside the front cover. 

We haven't done some of the public user testing we wanted yet

mapped out like that- we're really not doing too badly- but I think we'll all feel alot happy when we've been able to offer it into more people's hands, so they can show us what's wrong with the plan! 

All fun though- refining, moving forward, even if it's not gone intot he hyper drive stage yet.