First Steps in WiFi Location Sensing

We've had a busy few weeks researching previous work, going to a demo in the new Westfield shopping centre at the Olympics site, and trying out some open source software. WiFi location sensing has been around for some years now and accuracies of 2m to 5m are regularly achieved. We're hoping to do better than this by trying out the latest ideas and integrating them with Calvium's AppFurnace product.

Seeing Insiteo's system working in the Westfield Shopping Centre showed how well such a system could perform in the field, and we're underway with them in putting a trial in place in the Old Vic Foyer. Separately we have tested a state of the art open source solution from ETH Zurich. This has been in lab conditions with disappointing results at first (37% success at 2m) but getting a lot better as we gained more knowledge of how to do the fingerprinting - we're approaching 90% success at around 5m. 

Next we need to start work in the Old Vic building itself. We've done a survey to find suitable installation points for the WiFi Access Points, including in the auditorium, and installation and testing are planned to start in the Foyer this week. Unfortunately the full installation can't take place until the end of June when the contractors have finished refurbishing the auditorium.  

In the meantime here's a photo of the Olympic Stadium and Anish Kapoor's 'Orbit' -