This is Dying Matters Awareness Week, 14-20 May 2012

81% of people have not written down any preferences around their own death

Welcome to Dying Matters Awareness Week!!!!

In 2009, the Dying Matters coalition was established in the UK and every year it sponsors a series of events to encourage end-of-life planning discussions.

This week, May 14-20, is that week.


The Future Cemetery Project was built in large part around people having end-of-life discussions, so I am making sure that our project participates.

From time to time people will ask: So why should I discuss my own death? Or, death at all? It's a key question. Some things to think about as taken from the Dying Matters website:

  • 81% of people have not written down any preferences around their own death, and only a quarter of men (25%) and just over one in three women (35%) across England have told anyone about the funeral arrangements they would like to have after they die.
  • Nearly two thirds (63%) of us would prefer to die at home, yet of the 500,000 people who die each year in England, 53% die in hospital.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people (60%) have not written a will – including a quarter (25%) of over-65.

I am really pleased with how the end-of-life angle for the Future Cemetery Project is shaping up.

So sit down and have a Dying Matters Awareness Week discussion with your friends, family, and pets. 


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