Constraints of space inspiring rapid prototyping

What happens when you reframe the question.

Early this week I entered into my first foray into the world of Pinterest: trying to get all our collective thoughts, and stimuli into a communial space. 

And it worked: We realised reviewing these boards (which are growing daily) that we'd missed a key element: How people will engage with the space itself. What constrains people, what helps people move. 

One white board (Colourful, hey?) brainstorming session later:

And some rapid prototyping: and Ta dah: 

Our first cardinal- a book tree- like really - that holds books and things. Just add bar code reader, and a leaf shaped book clip. 

(I've heard stories that the word 'Just' is a very dangerous one in projects!). 

UPDATE: Book Tree A-Numero-Two, oh, and the first clip prototype. Oh cardboard, you are a rapid prototyping dream.