Cinema Aesthetics

Scrapbook of images and ideas for the aesthetic of the app, based on exterior decor of cinemas

Scrapbook of images and ideas for the aesthetic of the app, based on exterior decor of cinemas:

Queue for Jaws in NY (1975)

Queue around the block in NY for opening of Jaws (1975), image from Kobal Collection via Mark Cousins

Cinema hoarding

New York cinema typography.

Cinema hoarding, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK

Cinema hoarding, Cornerhouse, Manchester UK

Cinema lettering, Rio

These contemporary designs for the Rio are inspired by the original cinema aesthetics.

Rio, neon

Liking the neon...

The Globe, Broadway Avenue, LA

Image of The Globe from Stephen Barber's Abandoned Images: Film and Film's End (2010) which celebrates the ruins of 12 disused cinema buildings, built between 1910-31, still extant on Broadway Avenue, in Downtown Los Angeles: "cinematic space is ... experiencing fundamental shifts, notably in the abandoment of its distinctive forms" (p. 1).  The sheer density of cinemas on this avenue is astounding, but Barber suggests that their location in the city of dreams is the reason for their survival as buildings. Barber claims Broadway Avenue has the greatest concentration of abandoned, but intact, cinemas in the world and describes it as a "geographyically linear graveyard in which to experience film's end":

Map of cinemas on Broadway Avenue, LA

The Kallet Genesee, Syracuse, NY

The Kallet Genesse, Syrascuse, NY, which was demolished in 1997.

El Capitan Movie Theatre

El Capitan, Hollywood Blvd, still very much extant.

Colours: red, black, white and gold.

Here's a lovely video of theatre designer Joseph Musil, who designed El Capitan, talking about his inspiration and vocation for theatre design:

Getting a real feel for the aesthetic, and the content is brewing.  The next step is to figure out how we're going to test the user interface...