Can we find the first tree?

We now know when the first tree was planted in the gardens - but is it still there?
A few details are emerging about the initial work undertaken to construct Sydney Gardens on previously undeveloped land on the Bathwick Estate. After the first subscription payments were recieved from investors in 1792, workers moved onto the site in 1793, began landscaping and planted the first tree. This was an English oak and its planting was celebrated with a connonade in the nearby Spring Gardens, and the distribution of a barrel of strong beer to the crowd who turned out to watch. Interesting question now arises - is the first oak still there and can we find it? Perhaps it could have a voice - do trees have ghosts? Digging continued throughout the autumn, and in December workers turned up a large Roman sepulchral alter four feet beneath the ground. Some Iron ingots were dug up next, and contemporaries began speculating that the garden was being built on the site of a Roman iron works...