RFID hassles

So who would have thunk it?

The things that's totally stumped us over the last week is propriatorial RFID frequencies. 

Oh yes, indeed- turns out most library systems all use one RFID tag system that's not easy to buy independent readers for. Which in some ways is obvious, but kinda of began to feel like it was scupepring us last week: 

So our plan of attach looks like this: 

Get the system working- using a 'fake book'- that allows us to investigate

  • the invitation to participate
  • the call to action
  • the movement people use
  • how this interacts with the platform
  • and whether people can find a new book. 

The question is can we still get to the point where we can get a REAL book into the centre of the transaction: The one in your hand, the one you're already thinking about? 

Phill and Tom are off to the Library of Birmingham next week and will be getting our new exciting sensor talking to our nascient platform. I'm planning a week of tacking

  • How people navigate bookstores
  • How people manipulate books
  • and behaviour change. 

hmm- maybe the road trip would be less daunting?