Honouring Time and Titles [Book 1]

Hello!Welcome to the first blog post from Book Kernel, the project that's "Your version of events". Ben Gwalchmai, Associate Producer, here - over t

Welcome to the first blog post from Book Kernel, the project that's "Your version of events". Ben Gwalchmai, Associate Producer, here - over the next few months you'll be hearing from me with updates, battle-cries, and the honouring of great deeds.

Herein we cut the first clod to plant the seed of our project. From the tree of our team, we'll make books.

And here they are - a lovely lot, I'm sure you'll agree - so let me introduce all the team to you:

Bambo Soyinka, Artistic Director
Bambo is the woman behind the overall concept of Book Kernel; she's the lady with the driving vision and over a decade of experience in multi-platform storytelling and production. She collaborates with other makers to create stories across different platforms and media, including theatre, films, exhibitions, and online platforms. Her multi-sector experience inspired the concept of Hodcha: a publishing and production house with storytelling and cross-platform adaptation at its heart. Bambo has contributed to the success of several groundbreaking projects and has worked with leading national and international organisations, including National Theatre Wales, the BBC, Channel 4, Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival and the Berlinale international film festival.

Marc Heatley, Interactive Designer, & Craig the Coder
Marc has worked with an impressive array of clients, across print, web, and motion-graphics mediums and will be at the core of how we and you work with the Book Kernel.

Craig the Coder is a mysterious figure who may be solely made up of numbers and pure mathematical theorem. I'm assured this abstract essence is benevolent.

Ben Gwalchmai, Associate Producer
Helping with the conceptual direction of Book Kernel, I'll be liaising with other event managers & literary producers to create events & contacts. When not considering the tone of events and how they can be tweaked, I'll be leading on communications and keeping us on schedule.

Laura Sorvala, Iconographic Communication & Visualization
Coming from a background in design, Laura works under the name Auralab making design, illustration, graphic recording and visual facilitation. Originally from Finland but now based in Cardiff, Laura teaches Finnish at the Cardiff Finnish Saturday School.

Laura enjoys working on public engagement projects and has co-founded Come to Your Senses, an initiative to map emotional and sensory experiences of places.

Marc Thomas, Tech-spec writer
Marc is a magazine publisher embracing great journalism, brilliant design, and excitement in everything. He's written for The Guardian, Smashing Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, Zero Core Magazine, WpTuts+, Tuts+ Premium and more.

For Book Kernel, Marc will be writing about our design process and breaking down all the nitty gritty into meals for us mere mortals.

Professor Alexis Nuselovici (aka Nouss) is Chair of Modern Cultural Studies at the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics, Cardiff University.  A translator himself, Nouss has led many translation workshops throughout his career.  His approach to translation moves beyond linguistics - he has experience of working with artists to translate literary texts into multimedia objects and has a broad understanding of the philosophy and social history of translation.  In 2011, Nouss developed a framework for poetry exchange, working with artist Glenn Davidson and two outstanding poets, Philip Gross and Tsead Bruinji.  The poems were created in transit across Europe and translated into more than 10 languages at a workshop in Cardiff.


Hodcha will host the first major Book Kernel event - Swansea, March 25th, at the Dylan Thomas Centre. Working with Alexis's unique translation process, our prototype test will take a Dylan Thomas poem and make a live translation, ending with the publication of a new book.

What better way to honour our venue and get Book Kernel started?