1970s cinema designs

This follows on from Charlotte's post about hoardings, but looks at some design concepts for an early 1970s cinema from the planning files.

On of the interesting elements of the City strata project and cinema history in general is the change in design of these buildings as users, culture and media changed. Having read Dave Stephenson's book on Bristol Cinemas (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bristol-Cinemas-Archive-Photographs-Stephenson/dp/0752436694to help add to our existing data I was intrigued by his description of the Studios One to Four cinema that opened in 1973 at the Pithay.

This was an early multiplex type approach that had 'small studios in one building, all showing different films but using one set of staff'.

Apparently the studios were 'so small that the staff often referred to them as "rabbit hutxches". I've found the original planning application for the cinema that shows how small the spaces were (approximately 100 viewers in each) and also the design concept for the frontage with sample films attached. I particulaly like the glam rock style of the adjoining Stripes nightclub.

Studios 0ne to Four 1972 planning application design


Studios 0ne to Four 1972 planning application design