Work in Progress Show

Wednesday saw the final workshop and the Work in Progress Show of Objects Sandbox. Here, Tom shares a few of his thoughts on the projects and their pr

Wednesday saw our final workshop and the Work in Progress Show of Objects Sandbox – three months have passed very quickly.

The first workshop was way back on the 13th and 14th March. Back then ideas were nascent, ready to be honed and explored. Collaborations and relationships had great potential but hadn't grown to working relationships and no one really knew what lay ahead.

But, it has been incredible. The cohort has been fantastic.

At the Work in Progress Show – a celebration of Sandbox – the six project teams showed well refined, working prototypes. All of which have been developed and/or tested with users, and the experiences with those users finessed over multiple tests. Value propositions to all stakeholders have been well considered and product form and CMF (colour, material, finish) in many cases, already explored.

I'm very proud to be the Producer of Objects Sandbox. Especially considering Sandbox isn't a period of product development with similar practitioners. It is a period of exploration between individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. I'm confident these projects will quickly turn to products. They're all great!

And it's not over... We will continue to support all the projects in a number of ways. We will have a Showcase in September - I'll keep that under wraps a little longer but we will make an announcement soon.

Below are a few images from the Work in Progress Show. A small taster of three months work, and the journey we are still on, with Objects Sandbox.

Anthony Mace showing the God Article

One of the prototypes of Breathing Stone

Reflector and the artifacts and stories it mediates.

The wee 'beastie' of Curpanion.

A few posters showing the next steps for Fans on Foot.

God Article.

Demonstration of the subtle haptic interaction of InTouch.