What do you want to get from the Future Documentary Sandbox?

We've been thinking about what might make a Future Doc project exciting, innovative and successful. In this post, we share some ideas to get you think

As you develop your applications for the Future Documentary Sandbox and refine your ideas, we've been thinking about what makes a Future Doc project exciting, innovative and successful.

We've clearly hit a wave with this theme. There are lots of companies out there interested in exploring the potential of interactive documentary, collaboration and new platforms. What would make them good for REACT?

Obviously we will be looking for projects that use technology creatively. We also assume you'll already have great, fascinating and entertaining content. But more than that we want to find projects that have a clear route to exploitation.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you might like to achieve with your project, and what will make it stand out. They might not all apply to your project, but are worth bearing in mind as you write your application. Do you want to...

...be the start of something big?

£50K won't make you a complete documentary, but it might make you an innovative pilot in the future doc world. Can you demonstrate to us that this is your goal? What follow on investment do you think your project could attract? How will you capitalise on any offers you get?

...realise an ambition for growth?

Will this idea grow and improve the capacity of the company to produce amazing content in the field of documentary? Will this project help move the company to its next stage of development? How might this happen? Do you have a vision to articulate how Sandbox might help this growth?

...pioneer new delivery systems?

Are you developing an exciting, novel way of generating or interacting with content? Could the platform you are developing have other uses? If so, how will you productise and exploit your technology?

...generate value for audiences, a company or beyond?

Who will your project create value for? What kind of value will that be – economic? Social engagement? Does it move the form of documentary forwards? How will this value be realised? Can it continue to generate value into the future?

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