REACT Showcase: Heritage Programme

The programme is now up and ready for download

Download the REACT Showcase: Heritage programme here

REACT Showcase: Heritage- Fri 28 Sep, 1:30-4:15pm


1:30pm Welcome, Clare Reddington, Executive Producer, REACT

1:35pm A Space for Culture Change, Jon Dovey, Director, REACT

1:50pm Keynote, Charles Leadbeater

2:15pm Session 1: Tuning into the Past: Films & Panel Discussion

City Strata: Charlotte Crofts, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies & Video Production, UWE
Ghosts in the Garden: Rosie Fairchild, Director, Splash & Ripple
Memory of Theatre: Paul Clarke, Lecturer in Performance Studies, University of Bristol

3:00pm BREAK

3:20pm Session 2: Building Platforms for Haunting

Future Cemetery: Felicia Smith, Public Engagement Manager, Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust
Ivory Bangle Lady: Paul Davies, Digital Design Associate, Imagemakers
Reflecting the Past: Tim Cole, Professor of Social History, University of Bristol

    4:15pm END