Being a Young Coach

Ruby and Jude, two of our Young Coaches, share their journey through Play Sandbox, sharing ideas, advising the teams, and helping them make amazing things

Hi our names are Ruby and Jude.

We were young coaches in Play Sandbox. We have been asked to write a blog but we wouldn’t want it to be boring so we have decided to make it nice and short, funny and are going to get some pictures in.

Children make amazing young coaches because they have the everyday knowledge of what most kids like. We play games in most of our free time so we’re like the experts (without the smart clothes and ties.)

Jude - What was the best bit? “My favourite part was probably getting to know the ‘mighty minis’ game which I can’t wait to get when it’s finished! I love it because it is a strategy and simulation game (my favourite!) and your pet goes through three evolutions as you improve. I also like the fact that you would have to do sports to improve your mighty mini.

Ruby what didn’t you enjoy ? ‘ I hated voting. I liked all of the project ideas and didn’t want to put any of them down. I enjoyed seeing everybody’s ideas (and found it hard not to give some 11 out of 10!) .“

Ruby did you learn anything and how did you help the projects? “ I learnt how to make a morph at the Wallace and Grommet studios (Aardman is its real name though I don’t like to call it that!) I have loved playing with it and crushing it up then making it again!

My role as a young coach was to help support the games through all of their stages. At the start we fed the games with ideas to help them continue growing in the months that we weren’t at the studio. We came back a couple of months later to find out what they had done to the ideas.The sparks of ideas had become amazing and it was epic to sit and watch the ideas being laid out on the table. Literally! It was great and I loved being part of it. My favourite bit was seeing all the finished ideas, whilst eating popcorn and drinking freshly squeezed lemonade, they were amaze-balls!