REACT launches Objects Sandbox

REACT announce full details of Objects Sandbox which will explore human-experiences within the Internet of Things.

REACT is excited to announce full details for Objects Sandbox. This is our fourth theme, following on from Heritage, Books and Print and Future Documentary.

Objects Sandbox is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the next chapter in the story of both objects and the Internet, through the Internet of Things. In 2020, 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet. This significant technological development means we need to explore new questions around material culture, and the shape of the experiences and interactions we have with our physical and virtual worlds.

The emphasis of this call is on the interactions and experiences that exist between an individual and [internet] connected, physical objects.

Collaborations will be funded by the REACT Hub for a three-month period to develop an innovative prototype and explore its potential market/business model.

For full information about the theme and how to apply, please visit our new Objects Sandbox Microsite.


(Front page image: Trumpet Tiles, 2008 Peter Walters)