The New Rules of Innovation

On September 28th 2012, commentator on creativity and innovation Charles Leadbeater delivered the keynote speech at the REACT Showcase: Heritage. Watc

On September 28th 2012, REACT hosted its first showcase event around the theme of Heritage at Watershed. We premiered films about all six commissions from the Heritage Sandbox, discussed their journeys from wild ideas into products, experiences and services, and enjoyed a keynote from cultural commentator, Charles Leadbeater. 

Watch Charles' talk below, in which he speaks about new rules for innovation, the need for community and the inventiveness of Barcelona Football Club, applying Johan Cruyff's philosophy of total football to organisations like universities and cultural institutions. The talk set the tone for the rest of the day; playful and good-humoured, but with a serious set of messages about creativity and the kind of support it needs to flourish. 

REACT Showcase: Heritage - Charles Leadbeater:

We next heard from the Heritage Sandbox participants in two panel discussions, where they spoke about their experiences and ambitions for their projects. What came through clearly was a genuine sense of collaboration and a dedication to telling engaging stories that link the past and the present through real people - living or dead - through innovative uses of digital technologies.

REACT Showcase: Heritage Panel 1 - Tuning into the Past      

REACT Showcase: Heritage Panel 2 -Platforms for Haunting

The day closed with attendees getting the chance to chat with all the collaborators and to get hands on, trying out the Sandbox prototypes for themselves.

If you would like to watch videos that document each of the Heritage projects, you can do so at our Heritage Sandbox Microsite.

Photos from the day:

Bristol academic Paul Clarke discussing the Memory of Theatre project

Popcorn at hand for City Strata's 'Lost Cinemas of Castle Park' experience

Ghosts in the Garden's Georgian listening device