New REACT projects

We're pleased to announced four new funded projects joining REACT as part of our Feasibility and Prototyping scheme

We're pleased to announced four new funded projects joining REACT. They cross a range of disciplines and practices, from considering how to produce bespoke intimate objects for adults, to internet-connected music devices, heritage reinterpretation, and robotic games.

These collaborations have been funded as part of our Feasibility and Prototype awards, a funding scheme developed to offer support for collaborative R&D for amazing ideas outside of our Sandbox themes.

More about the projects

Intimate Objects brings together experts in anthropology and design to create a digital co-creation service and platform enabling adult users to re-imagine, design and create intimate objects to explore all aspects of their intimate lives.

Robotic Gaming Platform aims to develop a gaming platform where the real world is the playing field, the characters are personalised robots the player becomes emotionally attached to and the controller is a smartphone

BetaLoop is a device that enables musicians around the world to connect online, and share and collaborate on their ideas in real time.

Connected Objects asks Can interacting with heritage objects go beyond just looking at glass cases? Can this lead to new stories and better understanding of how these objects are placed within our culture? What do the objects want?

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