More news from our Books&Print Sandbox

REACT Producer Jo brings us up-to-date with all the latest developments from our Books&Print projects

As another week goes by, our Books&Print projects are continuing to develop apace. As REACT Producer Jo writes over on our Books&Print Microsite,

Sitting down to write my (almost) weekly round up of the project blogs I can't help but notice something. There aren't as many. If I didn't know the teams better, this might worry me a little but luckily Mark and I have been doing our second round of meetings with them over the last few days and so I know that this is less to do with a slow down in the pace of work than their transition from thinking to doing. This week, after a month of exploding with all the possibilities, the teams seem more focussed, more practical and more scared. There may be less to think about, but there is suddenly a lot to do.

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