Help make Hyde Happen

REACT Alumni Slingshot launch Kickstarter for the world's first bio-activated horror maze game. Pledge and get access to test sessions, input into the

REACT Alumni Slingshot have launched a Kickstarter to fund the development of Hyde, a real-world maze game inspired by the tale of Jekyll and Hyde. Set in the near future, the experience will be a chase through interlocking rooms of a maze, in a dynamic real-world environment synced up to your senses via biofeedback devices.

The Hyde maze is is a smart maze: it knows where you are, and how you're doing. You begin to realise that someone – or something – is working against you. You'll need to stay calm to retain control of your surroundings. Because there's only one way out of this maze, and that's through it...

Hyde is an interior environment, a maze made up of rooms, corridors and halls that are linked by doors. Players can experience the maze either individually (scary) or in a small group. As players progress through Hyde they encounter doors that are locked. In order to progress deeper into Hyde the players must unlock these doors, by solving puzzles, finding hidden key or using their body state to open the doors, by holding their breath, blowing forcefully or lowering their heart rates.

Developed as part of REACT's Books & Print Sandbox under the name Jekyll 2.0, Hyde sees the team develop their prototype into new and exciting territory. For Hyde, Slingshot are again joined by Anthony Mandal, an authority on Jekyll & Hyde and editor of the new collected works of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Your support will help them test tech, hone the experience and make sure the game is as exciting and terrifying as it can be. In return, get access to test sessions, input into the design process, group discounts on tickets for the final game, and more.

Get in on at the ground floor of this world first in live gaming by pledging to the Kickstarter.

Visit their Kickstarter for all the information.