New REACT support announced

REACT announces Project & Pump Priming Funding Opportunities and new sandbox themes

We are pleased to announce two new funding opportunities and two future themes for REACT Sandboxes:

Project & Pump Priming Funding Opportunities

In addition to REACT’s Sandbox schemes, we are pleased to launch two strategic funds to catalyse even more brilliant ideas and creative partnerships: The Pump Priming fund will support early stage ideas that would benefit from some initial development time with between £5,000 - £15,000. The Project fund is for £20,000 - £30,000 and is to support the completion of projects outside of the Sandbox process. This scheme is open to projects that were either unsucessful in their Sandbox application or are not suitable for Sandbox funding. This might be because they cannot fit the timescale or because the nature of the project needs a different context.

Deadline for applications to both funds is September 30 2012.

We are expecting to invest in up to ten projects across these two programmes in the initial call. The usual REACT conditions apply: your idea should be a collaboration between an academic and a creative economy partner. You can apply to these schemes if you have applied to Sandbox before or if you have an idea that isn't suitable for the core Sandbox programme. Further details and application forms are available now at the REACT website:

More info on the Pump Priming Fund

More info on the Project Fund


Future Themes for 2013-14

Responding to your requests to know further in advance what the REACT themes and dates will be, we are pleased to announce two future Sandbox themes for 2013-14:

Future Documentary Sandbox
REACT’s third Sandbox will be Future Documentary. Documentary media is being disrupted by the overlap between broadcast and the internet. Factual producers are looking for new ways to engage audiences as the TV screen, once the centre of home entertainment, is displaced. This theme will be in development Summer 2013 with production during Autumn 2013. Read more about the Future Documentary Theme here

Objects Sandbox

The Fourth Sandbox will be Objects. This Sandbox seeks to bring the skills of artists, makers and researchers to explore the look, feel and potential of an area of work often referred to as the 'Internet of Things'. The call will be relevant to Arts and Humanities research fields concerned with material culture, objects, their histories and contexts. Creative humanities, art and design will also have much to offer in helping us to understand what kind of communicative objects might be useful, exciting or inspiring. This theme will be in development in Winter 2013/14, with production during Spring 2014. Read more about the Objects