Catch up with our Books&Print Sandbox projects

Find out what our 8 new Sandbox commissions have been up to over on our Books&Print microsite.

Over on our Books&Print Microsite, REACT Producer Jo has been blogging a rundown of all the latest activity from our 8 exciting new commissions. Jo writes:

"There have been a couple of noticeable themes for me in this week’s blogs from the projects. The first is the growing awareness in many of the teams of their place within a tradition of telling stories across time, form and place. Of their role in an ongoing process of translation. The second is an increasingly overt discussion about audience and how the choices that they make now will shape and define who engages with their eventual thing (product, experience, book whatever), how they do so and what they feel about it."

Click here to read more about what the projects have been writing, saying and doing this past week!