Inspiration and background reading

Between Page and Screen: a digital pop-up book that contains nothing but QR codes on its printed pages:


Computational Sketchbook by Jie Qi at Ars Electronica 2009:


Berg’s Little Printer 

Volumique’s Balloon PaperApp  

Natalie Freed’s Tele Scrap Book

Good Ideas - A magazine recently launched as a spin-off from Good Housekeeping. Based on reader experience/need, the print version is very much a mirror of the app in design terms,making this a truly digital-first publication.

The Guardian’s use of data visualization and social media in its coverage of the London Riots

Sourcefabric - open-source book-creation tool

University of Missouri Magazine Innovation Center

The Future of Publishing: A Report on Innovation and the Future of the Book, Cyprus Well, Media Futures & Plymouth University

MIT Future Book Symposium

James Bridle: Literature needs much more than ebooks, Wired Magazine,

Further adventures of the Book, Creative Review,