Books & Print Sandbox projects announced!

Today we announce the eight new projects taking part in Books&Print Sandbox

The wait is finally over. We are delighted to today announce the successful Books & Print Sandbox projects. As if you don't already know, Books & Print Sandbox will explore books as historical, contemporary and future phenomena, developing new digital products and experiences for a publishing industry at a critical stage in its history. The projects will initially run from today until the end of March. Follow their progress as they blog on the project pages of this site and let us know what you think.

As I'm sure you will agree, the cohort contains a truly exciting mix of people, ideas and approaches; bringing together leading academics with renowned authors and experts in digital innovation. The projects range from a pervasive media adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde for the age of the bio-hacker to an event-based publishing experiment that will allow audiences to curate and print a personal memento of live events. We all get together for the first time at the Pervasive Media Studio today and I am sure that some sparks will fly.

Executive Producer Clare Reddington said,

"I am incredibly excited by the Books & Print Sandbox projects, which include a rich mix of ideas, technologies and subjects. In a time when the publishing industry continues to be put under pressure to change because of new creation and distribution channels, the strength of the collaborations and the focus on narrative and writing within the group is particularly rewarding. Over the next three months, these projects will explore the many opportunities for the written word in a digital age and I can't wait to see what they will produce."