Books & Print Sandbox: industry insight

Mark Leaver draws together knowledge from Books&Print Sandbox, offering five key insights for publishers, brands writers, editors and anyone intereste

To mark REACT's support for Media Futures' conference Publish! New adventures in innovation and the offical end of the sandbox, today we publish some of the learning from our R&D:

The Publishing sector is undergoing seismic changes, with digital technologies fundamentally altering supply chain processes, from production through distribution to marketing and sales. But within those challenges this transformation is also generating commercial, and creative, opportunity. This insight paper, written by Mark Leaver, draws together knowledge and learning from the Books &Print Sandbox projects, offering five key insights for publishers, brands, writers, editors and anyone interested in the future of publishing.

ooks and Print Sandbox Insight Paper (PDF 3.8MB)

Download: Books and Print Sandbox Insight Paper (PDF 3.8 MB)

Written by Mark Leaver, designed by Smith and Milton